Make API in Codeigniter


CodeIgniter provide auto initialized Output class which is very useful for creating API and differents type of documents output like .pdf, .csv, .image, etc...

NOTE :- Codeigniter default document type is HTML change it to application/json, API must be required type of json

create protected api

This API not accessible for public user, authentication is required

this is protected api this is not accessible if you are not loged in
public function protectedapi(){
    //this section only accessible when user loged in
    $this->output->set_output(json_encode(array('status'=>true,'msg'=>'Access allowed')));
    $this->output->set_output(json_encode(array('status'=>true,'msg'=>'Access denied')));

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create the new controller with name API


defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Api extends CI_Controller {
  //default value
  private $login_credential;

  function __construct() {
    //for user authentication

    //set page header type Json as default
    //default credentials for user login
    $this->login_credential = array(
        'email'=> ''

log in user API for allow access of some private data for perticular user

login user
@required : username and password via post method only
@return user data if login successfull otherwise error message
public function login(){
  if($username && $password){
    //check username and password
    if($this->login_credential['username']==$username && $this->login_credential['password']==$password){
      //set user data to store in session
      $userdata = array(
        'username'  => $this->login_credential['username'],
        'email'     => $this->login_credential['email'],
        'logged_in' => true
      //set session
      //display log in successfull msg
      $this->output->set_output(json_encode(array('status'=>true,'msg'=>'log in successfully','data'=>$userdata))); 
      //wrong username or password
      $this->output->set_output(json_encode(array('status'=>false,'msg'=>'invalid Username or password'))); 
    //when username and password not set
    $this->output->set_output(json_encode(array('status'=>false,'msg'=>'provide Username and password')));

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Retrieve some data from API add following function in API controller

@return all events
public function getallevents(){
  //get data from model
  $events = array(
    array('Event 1', '2015-04-03'),
    array('Event 2', '2015-04-03'),
    array('Event 3', '2015-06-16'),
    array('Event 4', '2015-06-29'),
    array('Event 5', '2015-07-04'),
    array('Event 6', '2015-12-25'),
    array('Event 7', '2016-01-01')

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user log out api to destroy the session of loged in user

log out user
public function logout(){
  //delete all session
  $this->output->set_output(json_encode(array('status'=>true,'msg'=>'log Out successfully')));

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